Volkswagen Beetle to Launch in India by the End of the Year

November 9, 2009, By Alex Ion

Volkswagen Beetle India

Indian auto freaks that have a “thing” for the new Volkswagen Beetle should know that the little bug is expected to launch by December 2009. Already selling the Passat, Jetta and the Touareg in India, Volkswagen is now expected to bring the new Beetle before the year’s end, if we’re to believe a report that has revealed to the Indian media during the India economic summit.

Although the Volkswagen Beetle was originally built as the “people’s car”, it’s not the case anymore as prices usually have 5 figures and range around $20,000 — which is a bit steep for the Indian market if you’re to consider that the Tata Nano is selling for as low as $3,500.

Volkswagen has stayed tight-lipped regarding price, but we’ll have to assume it will vie in India’s luxury model market more than its family car segment.

Meanwhile, the new VW Polo is also expected to hit the market by early next year for a more affordable price.

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