Sony Ericsson Kurara images out in the open; may arrive by first half of 2010

November 5, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Yet another leaked info has started telling tales about the upcoming Kurara from Sony Ericsson. Sneak peeks reveal that Sony Erisson’s new handset will be one to watch out for when it arrives in retail stores. This in fact is the second time the images get leaked. From what we get to see now, the Kurara comes across as a sibling to the earlier Satio touchscreen device and has something in it that would lure you to stores. The sad part of the whole story is that not much of hardware specs have been revealed.

The images of the phone, clicked as perched pretty adjacent to a soft drink can, give us the idea that Sony Ericsson is almost ready with a launch date. While expectations run high as to it may arrive close on the heels of the launch of the Android-powered Xperia X10, we would like to expect an unveiling sometime during the first half of 2010.

It is learnt that Sony Ericsson might incorporate a 3.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen, Symbian S60 OS and 8.1-megapixel autofocus camera in the Kurara. With the obvious comparison beating about the Xperia X10, enthusiasts believe that the Kurara might boast of a Symbian platform where as the X10 would be an Android handset. When we say Symbian, we mean it could be a Symbian^2, based on the Symbian S60 5.1 Edition.

Unfortunately, that is all we have been to know for the moment. If the Kurara is set to come in by the first half of 2010, we guess more pre-launch details might also be on their way.

(Via UnwiredView)

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