Apple upgrades iMac line up; adds MacMini and Magic Mouse to the range

October 21, 2009, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has ushered in new upgrades to its iMac computers. Powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processors, the two new models unveiled by Apple, however, fall short of expectations as the company seems to have given Blu-ray disc drives the miss. Many Apple enthusiasts had expected the upgrades to come with this feature.


Of the two new models, one boasts of a 27-inch LED back-lit screen and a 1-terabyte drive, while the other comes with a 21.5-inch LED back-lit screen and a 500 GB drive. Apple has attached a $1,699 tag on the iMac with the 27-inch screen, and $1,199 on the 21.5-inch screen version.

Meanwhile, Apple has decided to keep the price unchanged at $999 for the MacBook laptop, which has been upgraded with a 13-inch monitor. One significant aspect about the spruced up MacBook is that it comes with a handful of additions. For instance, a 7-hour battery, non-removable battery and a multi-touch track pad would come with the MacBook. If you would remember, these are features that were earlier available only with higher-priced Apple models.

Yet another model Apple has rolled out of its assembly line is the Mac Mini.  The lowest-priced computer from Apple available for $599 onwards, the Mac Mini comes as a desktop computer, sans screen, keyboard or mouse. Laudable is the fact that its performance is exemplary.

Apple has also introduced a wireless mouse as part of the new line up. Dubbed Magic Mouse, the wireless device can be bought with the new iMacs for a price of $69. The mouse comes with a touch-sensitive exterior, and is expected to add more fun to computing.

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