Halo Waypoint Coming November 5 for Xbox Gold and Silver Subscribers

October 20, 2009, By Atul Roach

It is always good to maintain a record of your gaming database and it feels all the more better if that database gets automatically updated. As far as the Halo games on the Xbox are concerned, such a privilege of accessing automatic databases alongwith tracking your gaming progress and achievements is possible using the Halo Waypoint Tool. Microsoft has been talking about the special surprise and the gaming fanatics are guessing that the Halo Waypoint availability could be that big surprise.

Halo Waypoint-Release Date-November 5-for-Xbox-Gold-Silver-Subcriptions

All this information makes sense only if you are a Halo Games admirer for otherwise the big surprise is pointless for you. Also, this ‘tool’ is limited to the Xbox gaming console so just in case you play Halo games on other consoles, it is pointless for your to know all this.

As far as the Xbox Silver subscribers are concerned, it will be until November 26th that they could subscribe for this tool following which the Waypoint will become an exclusive only for Xbox Live Gold members.

[via: Fudzilla]

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