Volkswagen L1 Concept Unveiled in Frankfurt

September 18, 2009, By Alex Ion

Volkswagen L1 Concept 1

Volkswagen’s L1 Concept has been officially unveiled straight from the halls of the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. Dubbed as the one liter car, as incredible as it may sound, the new L1 concept only uses one liter of fuel or about a quarter of a gallon, to propel a car for 100 kilometers or 62 miles — which translates to an unbelievable 240 mpg.

Volkswagen L1 Concept 3

The new Volkswagen L1 Concept “is close to production” and “will be developed” within three years. Designed to look like a bullet, it features great aerodynamics and lightweight engineering that makes it relatively long, quite low, and extremely slim. The prototype features a highly efficient powertrain that includes a two-cylinder, 39-hp turbo diesel engine and a 14-hp electric motor, and although it outputs a total of 53hp, the L1 is capable to achieve 100mph, but the fuel consumption increases to a huge consumptionof 1.38 liters per 100km, or some 170mpg.

Volkswagen L1 Concept certainly has what it takes to make you crave for one! We’re sold!

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