Indian Navy launches stealth destroyer INS Kochi

September 18, 2009, By Thomas Antony

The Indian Navy just got more muscle for its already capable fleet, by inducting India’s second indigenously designed Delhi-class stealth destroyer INS Kochi. The destroyer, named after the South Indian coastal city of Kochi, was launched from Mazagaon Docks in Goa and christened by Navy Chief Admiral Nirmal Verma’s wife Madhulika Verma.

INS Kochi

The 6500-tonne warship was the second destroyer developed under the Rs. 8459 crore ( ~ $1.75 billion )  ‘Project 15-A’ under which three guided-missile destroyers with stealth and a multi-role features will be built. Under this same project, Mazagaon docks had earlier launched the INS Kolkata back in 2006. The Kolkata series is the stealth version of the Delhi-class destroyers.

According to the Navy spokesperson, INS Kochi will have advanced stealth features that will make it less detectable on enemy radar and will have a state-of-the-art weapon system which includes the Indo-Russian ‘BrahMos’ surface-to-surface supersonic cruise missiles. It will also be armed with Israeli ‘Barak’ Long Range SAMs and ‘MFStar’ multi-functional radar for getting accurate information on surface and air targets. The ship will also have close-range combat capability with four AK-630 rapid-fire guns and a medium range gun, as well as twin-tube torperdo launchers and ASW ( Anti-Submarine Warfare) rocket launchers.

The shape of the ship avoids vertical surfaces, which would perfectly reflect any radar beams directly back to the emitter. Retro-reflective right angles are eliminated to avoid causing the cat’s eye effect. A stealthy ship shape is achieved by constructing the hull and superstructure with a series of slightly protruding and retruding surfaces.

The destroyer will be capable of carrying two multi-role helicopters onboard adding to its ASW capability and would be able to attain a maximum speed of 30 knots. After test runs, the INS Kochi will be inducted into the Navy in 2011.

[Via: IBNLive]

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