LG Introduces Wireless HDTVs [LG LH85 series and LG 55LHX]

September 11, 2009, By Atul Roach

The botch of wires with those High Definitions is somewhat of a botheration and no matter how quality the viewership you get, those wires always tend to disturb you. LG has come with a solution for those wires by eliminating them from the very core and substituting them with a wireless transmitter box. The LG LH85 series and 55LHX are the two wireless HDTVs introduced by the Korean electronics giant and they sure take care of that fuss of wires.


Both these latest variants can render videos at 1080p (uncompressed) from all capable components not farther than 30 feet.

The 55LHX measures only an inch in thickness and is certified-THX Display. It comes with a 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a refresh rate of 240Hz. As far as the other variant is concerned, it comes with an 80,000:1 contrast ratio and the worthy 24p Real Cinema tech video technology.

The 55LHX costs $4,799 while the 55-inch variant of the LH85 demands $3,199. The LH 85 also has a smaller 47-inch option that comes with a price tag of $2,399. [via: Slashgear]

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