MySpace Mobile Makeover and New Features

September 10, 2009, By Atul Roach


MySpace was once the most popular social networking site in the world but with the evolving times it somehow lost the race to the likes of Facebook and Orkut (elsewhere). The downfall has made MySpace think about new ways to turn the tide again and captivating the Social Networking rage on mobile phones could be one way to salvage pride. In this effort, MySpace Mobile which came up in March last year has got a makeover along with some added features.

As per the speculation, the new design of MySpace Mobile makes it faster and easier to use. The latest design is complimented with new features which help you upload photos and videos, get text alerts and update your status through SMS.

It feels great to know that the Mobile version of MySpace has been updated but, MySpace might still loose the war even in this segment given the fact that Facebook is a stupendously popular social networking base. [via: Phonesreview]

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