Low-radiation Emissions Cellphones, Samsung Impression is the Best

September 10, 2009, By Atul Roach


It is no hidden fact that our brain and ear is constantly exposed to radiation while attending to a call through our cellphone. What may though vary is the amount of radiation through different kind of handsets. The lower the amount of radiation, the lesser is the risk of suffering from brain tumors. There is no fact which proves that cellphone use can cause brain cancer but to be on the safer side is always better. A Washington D.C., Environmental Working Group has rated cellphones based on the radiation level and the Samsung Impression, model SGH T229 is the least riskiest.

Other phones on the least radiation list are the Samsung Impression-model SGH A877 and the Motorola Razor V8. This list might bring in a heightened level of sales for these models but free publicity is not what the survey intends, instead it wants people to be aware of the consequences of high-radiation from handsets.

The top-notch smartphones like your iPhone and Palm Pre can be very dangerous when talking about radiations but then, wireless Bluetooth headphones can lessen the ill-effects. [via: Wpxi]

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