Leica M9 & X1 Cult Cameras, Brochures Leak

September 9, 2009, By Atul Roach

We love cult cameras but the problem is that not many brands are into the production of such doodads with the evolving times. Nonetheless, Leica is unaffected by these changes and it continues to bring us different versions of cult cameras with varied technology incorporated. As per an official brochure leak, Leica is ready with a couple of more cameras which include the M8 rangefinder update, the M9, and X1, a new compact camera with a CMOS sensor.


The M9 is the real highlight out of the two variants and that is because of its integrated full-frame sensor. Despite the largest sensor lacking any added sensitivity, the ISO still manages to top it out at 2500 but the shortcoming is recompensed with an impressive 18MP.

The other variant, which is the X1 will be more of a peoples camera with an integrated CMOS sensor matching the size of those found in DSLR cameras. Just in case, anyone out there was waiting for a Leica compact option, the X1 offers the perfect chance. [via: Wired]

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