Europe’s Light Bulb Ban Can’t Kill Old Habits Fast, Comes to US in 2012

September 9, 2009, By Alex Ion


After only one week from the light bulb ban in Europe, authorities and retailers have found that it’s pretty hard to kill old habits fast.

In an effort to combat global warming via energy saving, the light bulb ban is forbidding Edison’s traditional filament, incandescent bulbs from being bought by retailers — although old stock may be sold until it’s gone, which are to replace them with compact fluorescent bulbs.

Although a great example, there are negative aspects of how CFL bulbs will affect our lives other than saving electricity : the quality of light and their price compared to the traditional bulbs. Price wise, by using less energy CFLs manage to pay themselves over time. But when you don’t get enough light (as you’d expect from paying more) the solution could be this LED-powered bulb from Sharp, too bad it costs $84.

Seems like a vicious circle, and we haven’t even tackled the hazardous materials (mercury for example) that the CFLs contain.

Despite strenuous opposition in the EU, the light bulb ban is also coming to the US. In 2007 under George W. Bush, the government passed a law that will begin phasing out incandescent light bulbs in 2012 and ban them by 2014.

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