Samsung Rogue and Samsung Intensity Become Available on Verizon

September 8, 2009, By Atul Roach


For once the release date related promises have seemingly been fulfilled by a US carrier, a habit that usually evades them for they never really confirm their release dates. A couple of weeks back, we mentioned that the Samsung U450 Intensity and the U960 Rogue were ‘probably’ being released by Verizon today but, we were still skeptical. To our delight, both models have been released by Verizon today and we are glad to make public the relevant price tags as well.

The spec list has already been made public and what we are excited to discuss is the cost of both models. The Samsung Rogue is available in bronze/black and will cost $99 after a $100 mail-in-rebate with a two-year contract. Just in case you aspire for some data packages, you have a 25MB offer for $9.99 a month and a 75MB option for $19.99.

As predicted, the Intensity is a pure budget option and accordingly it will cost a meager $29.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate. Both phones are available right away. [via: Slashgear]

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