ISOHunt Limps Back Online After Being Down for Many Hours

September 8, 2009, By Alex Ion


Popular bittorrent tracker had gone down earlier today for many hours, worrying users that it may be result of a legal action. The Motion Picture Association of America ( MPAA ) has a lawsuit against IsoHunt claiming copyright infringement. They have tried to convince the judge that ISOHunt contributed to the infringing activity of user and that they have until September 15th to prove that it is not true.

Many users were also worried that the distribution of the new movie “District 9″ on the torrent tracker was the reason for it being taken down. While it was down, the site was presenting two errors to the visitors : ” Error opening SQL log file on line forum, SQL” or “Unforeseen database error, noted. phpBB: Critical Error”.

In reality, IsoHunt had encountered a caching error on its website and have reported that they are working on it. They say the website may go down again while they are fixing it. As of now the site seems to be fully back online.

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