Spotify Available for Premium Subscribers on the iPhone, iPod and Android Devices

September 7, 2009, By Atul Roach

So are the iTunes dead? Well not just yet, for ostensibly Spotify is available as an application only to the premium subscribers. Nonetheless, the bigul has been sounded and keeping the future changes in mind, Spotify App may one day end your love for iTunes. Apple though is pretty relaxed at the moment for there is plenty of time to prepare for the ‘battle’.


Focusing back on the development, Spotify is available as app. at the App Store and the Android Market and it has gone public only in a select European destinations.

The responses have been overwhelming so far and they should be, for the services promise a lot even when you are not connected to an internet source thanks to an offline mode with cached play-lists.

What is special about the service is that it takes unnoticeable time virtually to stream the music, courtesy of the P2P technology employed and therefore it is incomparable to the other streaming services.

As far as the US is concerned, Spotify is probably building a credible play-list to attract people into the subscription and hence there is still a little time before the app will be available here.[via: Spotify]

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