Sony Rolls out the Latest Sony ZX5 BRAVIA LED HDTV Series [46 and 52-inch 1080P Options]

September 7, 2009, By Atul Roach

Sony keeps getting better and better with its BRAVIA LED HDTVs and this time around the attempt was to get even slimmer with its just announced Sony ZX5 series. The latest range of LED HDTVs is about sheer quality and its presence is felt with ‘touches’ like 240Hz of Flow Motion, Integrated Wireless Streaming and edge-mounted LED backlighting.


Such features do add a lot of overall quality to the product, but here, Sony wants you to focus on the reduction is thickness and that is a courtesy of a separate media receiver which is wirelessly connected.

As a consequence, the two variants from the ZX5 range measure 52-inch and 46-inch in thickness. That separate box is capable of accepting HDMI inputs alongwith internet connectivity and video-on-demand support.

As far as the ports are concerned, there are four HDMI options, USB, ethernet, optical digital out PC and S-Video integrated. A couple of 10W speakers are also tagged along the package.

Supporting 1080p these super-skinny LED HDTVs will reach Japan in November. The US or European release dates are not confirmed and so is the pricing.[via: Slashgear]

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