Asus e-book Eee Reader to be the Cheapest in the World, UK to get first stock

September 7, 2009, By Atul Roach


The e-book readers have not been blooming from all ends for the technology is still in the evolving stages. Despite the slow progress (half the world is still unaware of it) it feels great to know that big names like Asus are planning inexpensive e-book readers like the Eee Reader. We sure need a low cost variant for that is how a gadget usually begins to conquer the world and Asus might be taking the lead in this regard.

As per the insiders from Asus, the company is planning e-book readers for the UK market. The budget model will belong to the Eee brand and will cost something around the £100 mark.

The other model will be a high-end option with a dual screen and features such as expandable memory, inbuilt 3G and a web-browser. Asus has confirmed that a working prototype of the high-end model may go on show in the UK before the year ends but, nothing really has been promised about the supposed ‘cheapest e-book reader’. [via: Pocketlint/Engadget]

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