Apple Snow Leopard Upgrade Downgrades Adobe Flash Player Version

September 3, 2009, By Atul Roach

All you Mac owners would have got your copy of the Leopard upgrade-Snow Leopard-by now and just in case you did not notice, there is a major glitch with the OS X nature which is something not customary, as it primarily is an upgrade.


It does claim to be the most advanced operating system in the world but then claims can sometimes be a facade. Beat this-the OS X, ‘supposedly’ an upgrade, downgrades the Adobe Flash Player to its previous version.

Once you have the OS X upgrade installed you will notice that Adobe has been downgraded to version however the most advanced version is

This is something which cannot be ignored given the highly attack prone nature of Adobe. Hackers are waiting out there for loopholes such as this and the Apple upgrade gives them ample opportunity.

It is therefore advisable that as soon as you have the up-gradation complete, you quickly visit the Adobe site and get you version updated to the latest one. In case you feel lazy, you might be loosing on some important security fixes that do not safeguard an older version. [via: Sophos]

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