Sony Readying a 3D TV!

September 2, 2009, By Atul Roach

The gossip hounds are at it again and if they are to be believed, Sony will make a formal announcement today regarding its future 3D TV line-up. You read it right, Sony is getting a whole lineage of 3D TVs ready for next year and this will be confirmed today in an official announcement from Sir Howard Stringer.


Talk about predictions…this is the limit where one knows who will make the official announcement and when. Probably some official document related to this has been leaked before the IFA in Germany and hence the speculations are doing rounds.

This should no way bother Sony for it obviously means more publicity and just at the right time. What Sony should rather be thinking is how this 3D version of a TV will be appealing to the billions of viewers across the globe.

Sadly, other than the sports fanatics who would love the third angle view, there isn’t much in it for home viewership. The sour truth is that Sony will eventually realize-2D viewership is just about it as far as the TV is concerned. We hope Sony proves us wrong! [via: Gadgettell]

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