Celebrating Galileo Galilei’s Inventions – the Telescope

August 25, 2009, By Atul Roach

We live in a time where even something as magical as a space craft is usual for us. But, 400 years ago, all wasn’t the same and even a source to view the space was hailed as a major invention. It was 400 years ago that the great Galileo Galilei invented his telescope and Google salutes the spirit of that great invention with a changed Logo inspired by the invention.


Google needs to be credited for remembering this day as otherwise a great historical moment could have gone unnoticed.

This celebration throws light on the accomplishments of a man remembered as a genius and a creator.


Galileo first heard about a spyglass, a device (in 1609) which was capable of depicting distant objects closer. He then improved on this invention and invented the first telescope the world has known. A telescope which first helped man to gaze at the stars.

‘His telescope was the first one’ can be a controversial statement but, he was the first to use it for astronomical purposes.

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