Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Goes Live Now

August 11, 2009, By Atul Roach

August 11 was an eagerly anticipated day for the  Xbox 360 gaming enthusiasts as the Microsoft Dashboard Update has just gone live. The excited bunch of aficionados has already hooked to XBox Live to discover what the update is ready to deliver with its fresh-feature laden payload.


The upgrades include an improved user interface, new avtar props, expanded Netflix viewing features, and complete versions of Xbox 360 games down-loadable directly to your hard drive.

There is a long list of games available on demand but there is bad news for the Bad Company admirers, as it does not feature on the official Microsoft list.

On the contrary, Test Drive Unlimited Version is there on the list but is not yet available for download. Some of the other popular names include American Idol (3.70GB) for $30, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (5.71GB) for $30, Need for Speed Carbon (5.38GB) for $20 and Burnout Paradise (2.81GB) also for the same price.

You might say they are not popular but then, you have to exempt me for choosing my favorite ones. [via: Pcworld]

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