Google Search Engine’s Updated Version ‘Caffeine’ Coming Soon [Google Caffeine Developer Preview Released]

August 11, 2009, By Atul Roach

With Bing trying to rope in all the fame it could, here comes a shocker what Google calls a ‘secret development’, as it is fully ready to expand furthermore on its core business- the search engine. As per this revelation, Google has released a beta developers version of the Google Caffeine which is probably a codename, and a ready version of the updated search engine will also be up sometime soon.


Google has broken some barriers, as never before did it approach webmasters and power users to help it test the new software, just to ascertain that there are no glitches.

Google says that most changes will be ‘under the hood’ which means that the users will not even realize that the changes have come through and there will be no major differences experienced in the search results.

The changes though will be there and it will range from pushing the envelope on size to accuracy, indexing speed accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Google is open to any suggestions be it the differences a developer experiences in search to higher-level suggestions related to ranking. Google also demolishes any talks of this development related to competing with others, and maintains that the upgrade is a part of an effort to push the quality forward. [via: Pocket-Lint]

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