Upcoming OS X Update-Version 10.6 Snow Leopard Available for Pre-Order on Amazon

August 3, 2009, By Atul Roach

Apple is yet announce a specific date in September when the Snow Leopard will be released. However, for the types that are fostered into decision making purely because of their anxiety can opt for pre-order. The pre-order for the upcoming OS X Update version 10.6 Snow Leopard is listed on Amazon and those excited enthusiasts could be curtailed for while, using this pre-order antic.
The ones wanting an individual upgrade can get it for $29, however a family pack with five upgrades is also available for $49.

This is all about it, as far as the pricing, pre-order and release date is concerned but, there is something else that you might want to know.

In Amazon’s- what do customers ultimately buy after viewing this item?-section, 50 percent of the people who review this pre-order deal would then go on and buy a Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade for $119.99.

That must have surely pinched somewhere and if it wasn’t enough, 25 percent of the people will go on to buy the Windows 7 Professional upgrade, for $199.99.

That is certainly good enough a hint for Apple to review the release month and the pricing as well for otherwise we know where the buyers will eventually be. [via: SlashGear]

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