Radio Shack No More, it rebrands to ‘The Shack’!

August 3, 2009, By Atul Roach

Shocked! Well, don’t be, for this isn’t some kind of a facade but a reality that is here to stay and would be evident in a matter of days. Radio Shack has decided that the ‘radio’ needs to be chucked out of the windows-though not on the corporate side-and it is getting re-branded to ‘The Shack’.


The re-branding will indeed be a gala event from August 6 to 8 and it will also signify the intent of re-building the corporate culture as well.

It will not be a small event by any figment of imagination and the launch celebration will be teed-off in San Francisco and New York featuring 14 foot tall laptops streaming the images from their web-cams from one city to another. Also there will be live music in both locations, as well as television coverage of the event.

The exact location of the event is the Times Square and Justin Herman Plaza and the events will take place on August 6-8. Each morning the event will begin at 6 am and will continue till midnight.

And… as we jot down this info, there are exactly 2days, 23 hours, 2 minutes and 49 seconds reaming (as the image depicts) for Radio Shack to become-The Shack.

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