Eric Schmidt steps down as Apple Board of Directors Member

August 3, 2009, By Atul Roach

Ostensibly, Apple and Google are too much in the way of each other or let us just say that Google has recently expanded its peripheries into domains where Apple ventured first. A recent example of the expansion is the development of the Android and the Chrome OS and these ‘conflict of interests’ have led to the resignation of Doctor Eric Schmidt as the member of the Apple Board of Directors.
The current CEO of Google had been a member of the Apple BOD since August 2006.

Schmidt had already hinted towards his resignation at a press conference sometime earlier and this occasion covered details regarding the Chrome OS and Android. There, he also mentioned his reluctance towards the development of the Chrome browser and the Chrome OS initially.

Eric was hailed as an excellent Board member for Apple who invested his valuable time and talent to help make Apple successful as per the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. He also mentioned that Eric’s effectiveness as a Board member would have diminished in the future owing to the aforementioned ‘conflict of interests’. [via: Cnet]

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