First Look at the Windows Phone Mobile OS [Latest Microsoft OS for Cellphones]

August 2, 2009, By Atul Roach

For starters, we absolutely despise the name Windows Phone and more so the shortened version-WinPho, we suppose. Getting beyond the the grave sadness generated from the nomenclature, the first details of the Windows Phone OS (the latest OS for cellphones from Microsoft) have hit the web and here we are with a few of them.
The official depiction of the latest OS chooses an HTC Touch Diamond2 and before you start speculating, there is nothing of the sort which HTC plans to do.

You guys will better remember it as the Windows Mobile 6.5 and the first official demo reveals the redesign of the completed OS user interface. This reflects on the Zune-esque look and feel as well, if you know what I mean.

Another first for the readied OS are the novel 24-bit menu icons for accessing all of the Windows Phone applications on a single widget. These replace the standard folder view seen after pressing the Start button for the current OS versions.

The demonstration also reveals the Marketplace for the Windows Phone reminiscent of the App Store. Adding to the novelty are the My Phone synchronization features- a kind of back-up option that uses a Windows Live account for storage.

Another smart restoration option, just in case you loose your mobile is the My Phone PC client software. You will be feeling the magic of the Windows Phone OS somewhere before Christmas. [via: INQ]

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