FCC Summons AT&T and Apple over Google Voice App Rejection

August 2, 2009, By Atul Roach

FCC is heading in the right direction by becoming a standard authority which deserves the right to query the rejection of an application if that is somewhere connected to the people of the United States. It did reserve the right before but never justifiably exercised it. What has now come to light is that FCC has asked Apple and AT&T to serve an explanation as to why the Google VOIP (Google Voice) was rejected as an Application in the App Store.
The query isn’t set to prove that AT&T did influence the decision but to ask whether AT&T has got a say in situations such as this-where an app. gets rejected or approved.

Google however had no clue about this as it was busy mentioning that the ties with Apple were not severed although, the rejection was disheartening.

It all beckons of a future where FCC is planning to regulate the Application stores not only for Apple but other companies as well. This will ensure that FCC never let goes a service that is eventually deemed to benefit the American customers ignoring the personal interest of the companies involved.

For the current situation, It is been told, Apple plans to state regulation problems as an ‘excuse’. It is time that Apple starts recognizing Voice as an App. rather than a service. If it plans to stay loyal to AT&T, what can serve as a warning is that the ‘single service provider as a distributor’ of some particular phone is also being reviewed by FCC-so it is time to part with the loyalties, we suppose! [via: Wired]

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