Ferrari’s Latest Supercar: Ferrari 458 Italia Breaks Cover

July 28, 2009, By Atul Roach

When you want to say that the super-car of the year has been unveiled, for me its necessarily has to bear a prancing horse moniker that hails from the streets of Modena and embraces a red-color paint scheme. This year the laurels belong to the just out Ferrari 458 Italia and I do not really bother how the caustic experts will behold my opinion. ferrari-458-italia-unveiled
The V8 scorcher is scant on details until now but we sure know a few important ones that matter.

The Italia 458 (how I love the name) replaces the F430 and it does that in style with some stunning numbers. The Supercar can clock 60mph in a matter of 3.4 seconds, thanks to the 4.5-liter 562 horsepower V8 beast that also pleases the green freaks with a low carbon-footprint and more mileage.

Also, you can endeavor hitting 200mph and more when you choke the Italia throttle to the floor. Before you leave, make sure you give the front grill winglets a glimpse for they are a novelty which deform with the changing wind resistance, automatically shifting to a place where down force is maximum. [via: Slashgear]

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