Amazon France Unveils Call Of Duty Black Ops 2?

February 17, 2012, By Christian Davis

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. They’ve been doing this for years now and we are just now sort of getting official confirmation on the development of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. According to french gaming site GameBlog, Amazon France posted a product page for Black Ops 2 and then had it removed […]

Timed Online Gaming Restriction Possibly Coming To South Korea

February 17, 2012, By Christian Davis

Video game addiction is a much more serious problem than some of us realize. Neglecting bodily functions to finish “just one more match” could result in harm to the player and in some cases, death. The South Korean government is brainstorming ideas on how to solve this growing problem and have developed a ‘Cooling Off’ […]

Become A Real Dragonborn With This Skyrim Helmet Replica

February 17, 2012, By Christian Davis

Despite all the games that have been released, you should still be running around the world of Skyrim killing giant spiders, wolves, and dragons. It’s a dangerous job and you need to protect that most important person in Skyrim–yourself. Etsy member Brayud had the same idea and created a replica of the most recognizable helmet […]

Microsoft Xbox 720 Might Feature 3D; New Job Ad Hints at That

February 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Gamers are anxiously waiting for the next powerful gaming console from Microsoft. Dubbed Xbox 720, it is expected to be 6 times more powerful than Xbox 360. However, it seems the rig will bring more exciting features by delivering the unique experience of 3D gaming to its users. Though there were rumors floating around hinting […]

Review: Gotham City Impostors

February 13, 2012, By Christian Davis
The Jokerz_GCI

Let’s take a break from all of the realistic modern war genres and the color brown. Let’s dress up as clowns and bats instead and shoot each other with makeshift weapons and items. Why don’t I throw a jack in the box at you that’s booby trapped with C4? How about you chase me down […]

Call of Duty Elite 2.0 Already In Development

February 13, 2012, By Christian Davis

Well, that’s strange. Another Call of Duty Elite is already being produced and the current one still isn’t working completely as planned. Call of Duty Publisher recently stated that in November, we’ll be receiving an improved relaunch of Call of Duty Elite. “We’re already hard at work on Elite 2.0, with several innovative features being developed to […]

Black Ops Has The Best Video Game Ending Of All Time…..Wait, What?

February 13, 2012, By Christian Davis

I think I need to go re-visit Black Ops again and see how the game ended because I must have not been paying too much attention. According to the Guiness Book of World Records 2012 Gamer Edition, that’s the ending we all loved the most. Over 13,000 fans voted for their favorite video game ending […]

Sony Spending $50 Million On PS Vita Marketing

February 13, 2012, By Christian Davis

Sony is ready to make a huge commitment to their newly released handheld, the Playstation Vita. The new handheld has been held in high regard since it’s announcement, boasting graphics that you can compare to your home consoles and a mobile experience like no other. Speaking to the New York Times, SCEA Director of hardware […]

Review: Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning

February 9, 2012, By Christian Davis
KoA_Cave Fight

I’m just going to admit it now; Finishing Kingdom of Amalur in a short amount of time and still getting a good feel for the game is impossible. So, I didn’t complete it. I put around 30 or so hours into this game and I really felt that I put a sizeable dent in it. […]

Sony PS Vita Gets a Firmware Update in Japan

February 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran
New Image

We very well know that many of the crazy gamers among our readers are anxiously waiting for the Sony PS Vita to debut in the US market. Since the launch is as close as February 22nd, we feel it is the apt time to tell you about the details of a new firmware update that […]

UMD Passport Program for Sony PS Vita Canceled in US

February 8, 2012, By George Lang
The New PlayStation Vita Gaming Console

The Sony PlayStation Vita is scheduled to be available in the United States two weeks from today, on February 22, 2012. In response to pressure from owners of the Vita’s predecessor (PlayStation Portable), part of the device’s anticipated arrival included a backwards-compatibility claim by Sony that digital versions of the games purchased by these owners would be […]

First 25 Minutes of The Darkness 2 Gameplay

February 8, 2012, By Nicholas Davis

The Darkness 2 is definitely one of those games that might be swept underneath the rug this month with all of the other big games that have already come out this year. You’ve seen trailers and have even downloaded the demo and regardless of how amazing it looks you still may not be convinced to […]

Killzone For PSN Delayed Indefinitely

February 8, 2012, By Christian Davis

Remember when the original Killzone was suppose to arrive on Sony’s PSN on January 24th? If you haven’t noticed the date, it’s now February 8th and we still don’t have Killzone on the PSN. For fans who never got to experience the PS2 first person shooter, this is a huge set back for those who […]

Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs Is A Reincarnation of True Crime: Hong Kong

February 8, 2012, By Christian Davis

Canadian retailer Future Shop’s official gaming Twitter account posted a poster for Square Enix’s new title, Sleeping Dogs as well as possible August launch for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Originally, the game was expected to be related to a Kane and Lynch follow up but instead will be a reincarnation of Activision’s cancelled […]

Kinect Star Wars And Xbox 360 Bundle Coming April 3rd

February 8, 2012, By Christian Davis
Kinect Star Wars Bundle

I just recently purchased the Gears of War themed Xbox 360. The cool design, Gears of War sound effects, and extra hard drive space definitely made the Xbox stick out in my gaming set up. Now that I know the Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 is coming in just a few short months and comes […]

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