Turtle Beach Announces New Earforce X12 Headset

July 27, 2011, By Christian Davis

If you’re still undecided on which company you should buy your gaming headset from, you should probably go with Turtle Beach. The leading company in gaming headsets shows no signs of slowing down and have just announced the brand new Earforce X12 headset for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. A successor to the X11, […]

Real Life Mass Effect 3 N7 Rifle

July 26, 2011, By Christian Davis

Now, some cosplayers bring actual weapons to conventions. They’re just lazy and their costumes aren’t going to be as cool. Now, if you had the craftsman ship of Harrison Kriz, aka Volpin, then you could easily make an extremely lucrative career out of creating videogame props. Kriz has made props from videogames in the past. […]

Kinectimals Is Back And Now “With Bears”

July 26, 2011, By Christian Davis

The jump roping animals for Kinect are back and they brought bears with them. The unbelievably cute Kinect game that had you playing with and taking care of an imaginary pet has now expanded and kids everywhere should be excited. What exactly has been expanded on with the latest Kinectimals installment? Here’s an excerpt from […]

New Bluetooth Headset and Media Remote Coming Soon For Xbox 360

July 26, 2011, By Christian Davis

When it comes to online gaming, communicating with your friends is essential to having the complete experience. If you’ve gone though various headsets and still aren’t quite satisfied, Microsoft may have one that you’ll love. Today, a new Bluetooth wireless Headset was announced as well as a brand new media remote. The fact that the […]

Legend of Zelda Villain, Ganon Will Not Be In Skyward Sword

July 25, 2011, By Christian Davis

Usually when you think Legend of Zelda, you also think of the notorious Ganon that always seems to be the cause of everyone’s problems. If you dreaded another fight to the death with him, you can rest easy because he will not be making an appearance in the upcoming title. “Ganon typically appears in a […]

Assassin’s Creed Embers

July 25, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

Today, Ubisoft has revealed some exciting long coming news for Assassin’s Creed fans. We’ve seen some fan made videos of Assassin’s Creed before but UbiWorkshop has decided to take matters in to their own hands. A new computer-generated animated short will ship with Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and will also be available for download. The film Assassin’s Creed: […]

Cosplayer Brings AR-15 Rifle To Comic-Con

July 25, 2011, By Christian Davis

Comic-Con 2011 just ended and there was a lot of amazing things happening there this year. Movie News, game news, comic book announcements and a whole lot more. One of the best things about this convention are the loyal fans that dress up as their favorite characters. A lot of time the fans spend months […]

Chinese Couple Sells Their Children to Play Online Games

July 25, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

A young Chinese couple in Dongguan, China has sold all three of their children to fund their online gaming addiction at internet cafes. The couple, Li Lin and Li Juan met at an internet cafe back in 2007 and shared a special bond over their obsession for online gaming. These parents started having children before they both […]

Avatar Kinect Launches Today

July 25, 2011, By Christian Davis

The newest addition to Kinect Fun Labs, Avatar Kinect, launches world wide today. Revealed at E3 2010, the new gadget will capture the facial expressions and voice of the players. So if you wink, smile, turn your head, etc…your avatar will do the same rather than look like a mannequin. You and 7 of your […]

The Penguin Brings A Friend In The New Arkham City Trailer

July 22, 2011, By Christian Davis

The Penguin can never fight fare can he? In the latest trailer for Batman: Arkham City, the Dark Knight sets out to free some hostages from the small, yet deadly grasp of the Penguin. It’s never that easy though and the Penguin has a giant surprise for Batman. If you don’t want to know who […]

Game “Stream” Coming to Google+

July 22, 2011, By Christian Davis

There’s been some brief discussion about this for some time but nothing was ever really concrete. Gaming and Google+ was something that we were all wondering about since most social networking sites always seem to dive into gaming at some point. Today, Google confirmed that a game “stream” would be coming today under the description […]

Freddy Kruger Coming To Mortal Kombat

July 21, 2011, By Christian Davis

As a complete surprise to everyone, NeatherRealm Studios announced that Freddy Kruger will be the final DLC character for Mortal Kombat at Comic-Con. The Nightmare on Elm Street antagonist is a classic in the horror film genre and he actually looks like he fits in just nicely. Now, there are some things that need to […]

Kinect Star Wars Bundle Announced With Pod Racing Mode For Kinect Star Wars

July 21, 2011, By Christian Davis

Themed Xbox 360s are the best. Gears of War has one, Halo Reach has one, and now Kinect Star Wars does. Despite what you think about Kinect Star Wars, this is the coolest looking Xbox 360 to date. Here’s what the Kinect Star Wars Bundle includes: Kinect Star Wars game Custom R2-D2-themed Xbox 360 Console with […]

Fan Favorite Cyborg Appearing in Mortal Kombat Legacy

July 21, 2011, By Christian Davis

Fans at Comic-Con in San Diego will be able to get a sneak peak of some scenes from the upcoming episode of Mortal Kombat Legacy. If you didn’t make it down to Comic-Con then you won’t be able to see the announcement right away, though Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon gave us a sneak peak at […]

QuakeCon 2011 Full Presentation and Panel Schedule

July 21, 2011, By Christian Davis

The Texas native convention is back again for another exciting year of announcements and incredible panels. Some of the years biggest titles are going to be there so it’s definitely a convention you’re not wanting to miss. id Software has become a legend over the years and there’s really no sign of them slowing down. […]

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