Battlefield 2 Patch 1.5 to Be Released Today

September 1, 2009, By Alex Ion

DICE (Digital Illusions CE) has just released the latest BF2 patch 1.5 for their award winning game BattleField 2. The first person shooter game which also has some real-time strategy and RPG elements was published by EA, released in 2005 and has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. The new BF2 patch 1.5 features […]

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Goes Live Now

August 11, 2009, By Atul Roach

August 11 was an eagerly anticipated day for the  Xbox 360 gaming enthusiasts as the Microsoft Dashboard Update has just gone live. The excited bunch of aficionados has already hooked to XBox Live to discover what the update is ready to deliver with its fresh-feature laden payload. The upgrades include an improved user interface, new […]

Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta, Release Time Confirmed

August 3, 2009, By Alex Ion

Fallout 3 fans should be happy to know that Bethesda announced a release date for the 5th downloadble pack, Mothership Zeta. Coming in as a follow up to Point View, Mothership Zeta is expected to be the final DLC for the postapocalyptic RPG and should see a release time for Xbox 360 and PC, tomorrow, […]

Marvel vs Capcom 2 on Xbox 360, Download Available Today

July 29, 2009, By Alex Ion

Fighting game fans out there should be happy to know that the long awaited classic arcade Marvel vs Capcom 2 will go live on XLBA today. Marvel vs Capcom 2 is to be available to download on your Xbox 360 around 2:00 PM PST and will cost some 1200 Microsoft points (which is $15 in […]

World of Warcraft Movie to be Directed by Sam Raimi

July 22, 2009, By Alex Ion

Best known for directing the Evil Dead series, Drag Me To Hell as well as the blockbuster Spiderman, Sam Raimi has signed to direct the World of Warcraft Movie adaptation, Variety reports. First time we heard of a Warcraft movie was in 2006 when Blizzard signed a deal with Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures to […]

Porsche 911 Turbo S Racing Wheels for Xbox 360

November 4, 2008, By Alex Ion

If you’ve been dreaming to get behind the wheel on a Porsche, this is probably the cheapest way to do it. For $250, you get to bring this Porsche 911 Turbo S Racing Wheels for Xbox 360 into your living room and have as much fun as you want. Fanatec is launching the Porsche 911 […]

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