Apple’s New Watch Series to Feature a Larger Edge-to-Edge Display

September 3, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple will be having some big changes in its new iteration of the Watch when it hit the stores in the coming weeks. As per new reports, the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4 will have a redesigned look that will see a bigger display embedded on the front of the device.

Apple will be carrying forward the bezel-less trend to its smartwatch by including an almost edge-to-edge display according to the renders. Along with the increase in display real estate, the Apple Watch Series 4 will also have its body size trimmed down, with Watch Series 4 expected to get thinner than its predecessor.

With bigger display, Apple will have more information to display across its screens, and the complications visible on the new watch face seem to have increased to nine. There’s also change regarding how Apple denotes the LTE feature. Instead dotting the digital crown, Apple has now entirely made the ring go red.

There’s also apparently a hole on the right side of the watch, indicating the presence of microphone. The button beneath the crown has also been made flusher with the body. Both the digital crown and the button has been modified well by Apple for the new Watch iteration. Apple Watch Series 4 will also be compatible with prior bands.

Apple will be launching its new Watch during its event scheduled on September 12, for which the invitations have been sent out already. Apart from the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple will also unveil its new iPhones and updated iPads during the event.

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