Xiaomi’s Sub-Brand Poco Delivers Flagship Performance at a Jaw-Dropping Price

August 23, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Xiaomi has unveiled the first device under its new sub-brand called Poco. The Poco F1 smartphone was unveiled today in India, and as expected, Xiaomi has once again grabbed the eyeballs with its trait of offering packages much worthy than its pricing.

To start with, Poco is Xiaomi’s sub-brand that aims at experimenting. Like all the other manufacturers, Xiaomi too is playing safe with the launch of a sub-brand that lets them deviate from the standards. The Mi8 will run as the flagship device for Xiaomi, while the Poco F1 will bring in flagship features with a pinch of unconventional mixes.

The Poco F1 packs a 6.18 inch Full HD+ display with a broader notch that houses 20MP front camera as well as infrared sensors for face recognition even in dark conditions. Beneath the display is Qualcomm’s flagship SoC, the Snapdragon 845 that comes with Adreno 630 GPU. To delight the gamers, the Poco F1 also has a liquid cooling system that keeps the device unheated even when playing games with settings maxed out.

On the rear side, the Poco F1 packs a dual-camera combo of 12MP and 5MP sensors. Xiaomi says that it’s the same combination that’s being used in the flagship Mi 8. But we will still have to wait for the real results to be out. Another area where Xiaomi has kept focus is with battery. The 4000mAh battery in the device will offer one-day’s charge with ease even with hardcore usage. The device also supports Quick Charge technology, and much to the delight of the user, Xiaomi does bundle a 18V Quick Charger inside.

Xiaomi has also tweaked the MIUI OS and converted it into Poco launcher that stays much close to the likes of Pixel Launcher. However, it does feature many customizations that are adored in the MIUI. The biggest addition is the app launcher, which presents a very similar view to that of the stock launcher. On the connectivity front, the Poco F1 features USB-Type C port, and there’s a headphone jack too.

While these specifications are not hard to come by, what surprises is the price point of the device. At $300 (Rs 20,999), the Poco F1 is simply the cheapest smartphone in the world offering the performance of Snapdragon 845. The aforesaid pricing is for the 6GB/64GB variant, while Xiaomi is also offering the Poco F1 in 6GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB variants respectively for Rs23,999($343) and Rs28,999 ($415).

It’s interesting to see how Xiaomi has managed to cut down the cost despite packing flagship specifications. Xiaomi points out that it has listened to various user comments on platforms like Reddit that craves for flagship processor and bigger battery, but without ‘glass’. The result is that the Poco F1 features outdated Corning Gorilla 3 protection atop the display, while modern flagship features nothing less than the Corning Gorilla 5 glass.

Another area is the built. The Poco F1 would be the only phone to feature a plastic build with flagship specifications. But given the trend of donning skins and cases, that should seldom be a concern for many. As long as buyers are ready to compromise with the looks, the Poco F1 definitely offers much more than what they pay.

The Poco F1 will have its first sale during the next week in India. Xiaomi has also assured that the device would be soon making into the European markets. There is still no word about Xiaomi’s entry into the US market, though there has been various expression of interest from the concerned regarding the matter.

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