Mozilla Exploring Voice-Control Features for its New Browser, Scout

June 16, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Mozilla isn’t willing to confine its browser experiments to Firefox. As a result, the browser developers are now working upon a new browser that will dedicatedly be the platform for Mozilla’s new way of control, i.e. the voice control.

Voice control isn’t something that anyone today would be strange of. Every smartphone user would have encountered the situation to control an action through their voice in their device. To a limit, we have seen the application of voice control on browsers too.  But we haven’t had quite an extensive control over the browser using voice commands, and this is what Mozilla is trying to achieve with its new browser.

The app is called Scount, and it’s a complete voice-controlled browser that would get rid of the use of keyboards, mouse or your fingers for browsing through contents in the web. For Mozilla, it’s not just about opening up a new means of browser control for fulfilling the sci-fi dreams of many. Instead, Scout could also find use in providing a better means of control over browser for people with difficulties. For that matter, the Scout also features talk-back capability, so it can aid the visually impaired ones too.

Scout is still at its early-stage as described by Mozilla, and there aren’t any demos or further details available at the moment. But it should certainly work well with commands, including ability to take you directly to the content you want using specific voice commands. Whether or not voice-controlled browsing would cherish the users is something that needs to be seen. But it’s worth applause that Mozilla is trying its hand with the routes unexplored to get its competition against the other dominant browsers psyched up.

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