Snapchat Spectacles Isn’t Dead; FCC Confirms Second-Gen Wearable

April 12, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Snapchat Spectacles and Google Glass had nothing much in common, except for that the two wearables came out in the glass form. But that never stopped the tech world from comparing the two, as a result of which predictions arose that Spectacle would eventually end up embracing the fate of Google Glass.

The strong marketing campaign almost proved those predictions wrong. However, the end result was Snapchat left out with unsold inventory worth around $40 million. This very fact fueled speculations of Snapchat dropping out from a version 2.0. But that doesn’t appear to be happening, as Snapchat is all poised to launch the new version of its smart-wearable this very year, thanks to a disclosure from FCC.

The radiation chamber of regulatory agency has just confirmed the existence of a new pair of wearable glasses from the house of Snapchat through a newly published document. The description points to a wearable video camera made by Snap Inc. The branding is not left out, as ‘Spectacles’ was spotted on the packing label along with Model 002 label.

Additional details of the model haven’t been disclosed, though reports suggest that the wearable would offer 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy on the connectivity front. The document reveals only a single version of the Spectacle, though previous rumors have suggested for the launch of two versions of the wearable.

The rumor comes from Cheddar, who tipped for a 2018 model with improved performance alongside detailing a third-gen wearable. The timeline for the latter is though set for 2019, which makes sense for why the FCC listing is void of that wearable.

According to the rumor, the third-gen Snapchat Spectacles will come further powered by a system of two cameras in addition to offering support for GPS. The price-tag is expected to go as high as $300 for that model, though there are no words for how much the imminent model would cost.

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