Vero to Take On Social Media Giants

February 28, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Social applications like Snapchat and Instagram have been trending for quite a while now in the social applications terrain. Now there is a newcomer to add to the list. Meet Vero!

Vero has its competitive advantage over the current social media applications by opting to keep away from the things users dislike, which include algorithm dependent feeds and advertisements.

Going by what Adam Blacker, communications lead and brand ambassador for app research firm Apptopia, says, though Vero was launched in 2015, the application gained recognition through advertisements and various other issues such as the election interference plaguing Facebook and Twitter. He added that people get a feel of freedom when they see advertisements stating the lack of algorithms, data collection and advertisements. As per reports, Vero is the top overall application and third overall application in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

Vero aims at providing users with an authentic social experience. Pointing out that most of the social media reduce everyone to a friend or a follower, Vero believes that it motivates people only to share some parts of their life events.

In order to address some of the difficulties faced by the social media platform users, the application sport tools that make it easier to share photos, videos and music. Vero enables users to group their followers into categories called Loops featuring close friends, friends or acquaintances.

The question still remains whether the app will be able to take over the current social media giants including Instagram, Snapchat and the like.

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