Grab a Moto Mod to Protect and Add Style to Your Phone

February 5, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Most of us are fond of phone covers that come in various hues and designs. There are people who change the covers according to their apparel and occasions. Others use phone covers to avoid damaging their phones. Whenever safety- and style-oriented covers arrive in the market, they usually trigger a rush to grab them. Motorola’s latest style shells are some such, and promise perfect style and safety.

Back in 2016, Motorola had launched its first collection of Moto Mod style shells. After that we hadn’t heard of them for quite a while. They are back now, and how!

Of late, the company has come up with Moto Mods that would help you turn your phone into something better. In addition to the colorful designs, the company has also thrown in Gorilla Glass too to help protect the Moto Z. It would have been difficult to place the glass on top of the first style shells which featured nylon or wood texture.

Even though the user can swap style shells, personalizing them is impossible. The designs are fixed. But the customization, which unfortunately Motorola could not offer, is offered by other third party shops.

Five different and eccentric style shells will be marketed by Motorola this time. The five will include retro stripe, overlapping triangles, graphic flowers, expressive curves and colored leaves. The shells cost $29.99 each.

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