Call Switch Feature Finally Shows up on WhatsApp Beta

January 17, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It has been rumored for months that WhatsApp was planning to introduce a new feature to let users switch between voice calls and video calls. Now, after months of speculation, the feature has finally started showing up on the popular messaging platform.

The call-switch feature is being now introduced in v2.18.4 of WhatsApp Beta for Android. Users can try the new feature by getting registered in the WhatsApp Android beta programme on Google Play.

With the new introduction, WhatsApp will let users easily switch between a video call and voice call using a simple tap of button. Tapping the button will not however instantly switch the video call to voice or vice-versa, but instead will send a request to the other person on call. Calls will be switched once the second party approves the request. Calls will continue as normal if the request is declined.

Prior to the introduction of the feature, users had to end the ongoing video call and make a new call if to perform a voice call. The same was the case with switching to video call from voice call.

As of now, the call-switch feature is available only for one-on-one conversations, and not for group calls. However, we can soon expect the feature to appear for group calls as well.

The new beta also takes down the private-reply feature in groups that is believed to have been wrongly introduced in the previous beta version. The feature allowed users to privately reply to users without making the replies visible to the rest in the group. However, that feature is no more available in the latest beta version. We will have to wait to see if WhatsApp has taken down the feature, or whether they are just testing the feature more before making it public.


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