On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor is Finally Official, and it’s Vivo Who’s Brought It On

January 15, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

On-screen fingerprint sensor was indeed the most anticipated tech-advancements in smartphones. Many vendors were said to have been working on the technology, but it was Samsung who were expected to make the break. However, Chinese manufacturer Vivo has leaped past the Korean manufacturers now to come out with the world’s first screen-embedded fingerprint technology.

At CES this year, Vivo has revealed its near-final product delivering a clear idea of what can be expected from the new solution. The Synaptics- backed technology makes use of optical signals to transfer the fingerprint readings from over the glass to the sensors seated beneath the display.

This is different from the previously unveiled concept technology from Vivo that relied on ultrasonic signals to transmit the signals from over the glass to the sensors beneath. With the use of optical signals, Vivo is making it simpler and efficient for the sensors to capture the readings through the display.

Vivo has demonstrated the technology in a prototype made of OLED display, and it was made clear that the technology would only be working with LCD displays. That said, we can expect the feature to be made available only on premium devices.

The technology also worked flawlessly, although there was hiccups in the reading time which was slower compared to normal sensors. But for a start, the results were quite impressive. Waking up the phone will pop up a blue fingerprint icon on the bottom part of the display where the user would have to place their fingers.

The icon shines brighter to provide more illumination once the finger is placed so that the sensor can capture the fingerprint without difficulties.

Vivo hasn’t still finalized the final phone in which the technology would be made available, and neither does they have an official name for the product. But with the technology being demoed, we can expect the manufacturer to roll out the first in the batch by as early as the mid of 2018.

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