Microsoft is Letting Cortana Explore New Domain with GLAS Thermostat

January 12, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cortana is sadly expected to play the second fiddle on Windows 10, with Amazon Alexa making its official debut on Windows 10 devices. But that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from expanding the personal assistant. Cortana, which until now was rarely found on non-Windows devices, is slowly stepping out of that enclosure.

Following its outing with the speakers from Harman Kardon, Cortana is now stepping on to a new domain, thermostats. GLAS, a thermostat designed by Ireland-based Johnson Controls, is the one that have roped in the digital assistant from Microsoft to let it be controlled through voice commands.

You can obviously predict what Cortana will be capable of in a thermostat. With voice controls, users will be able to set temperatures in GLAS. In addition, GLAS can also occasionally double up as a smart speaker device similar to Ecobee4, which however was powered by Alexa. That includes support for additional functions like asking sports scores or managing your calendar.

An accompanying mobile application made available for Android and iOS devices will ensure easy connectivity to your thermostat. GLAS also comes packed with a translucent display to display additional information like energy consumption and air quality.

The baffling fact is that GLAS comes priced at $319, which is way higher than the price point of rivals including Nest. Cortana is yet to prove that it’s catching up with the rival assistants, and for that matter, it doesn’t make much sense to have Cortana-debuting Thermostat priced at that point. But that’s real, as Microsoft has already started taking pre-orders for the device, with shipping expected to commence by March this year.

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