DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Will Stabilize Your Smartphone Videos at a Much Cheaper Cost

January 11, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There are many factors that make a smartphone camera excel. Modern day cameras don’t just rely on pixel count, but also unearth additional features to wow the buyers. Stabilization forms one such feature, but we don’t get to see them on all devices though.

DJI cracked this out by introducing Osmo Mobile, the smartphone stabilizer that let users stabilize the videos captured using the smartphones. However, the little snag that it cost near to a smartphone has discouraged many from preferring an add-on option for stabilizing their videos. But DJI is back with a successor to the device, and it’s certainly aiming to bring back the reluctant ones.

Osmo Mobile 2 stabilizer comes with a handful of changes, of which the key one is the change in its price. Osmi Mobile 2 has come a long way down in terms of pricing. The successor will start selling at $129, making it much cheaper than the original device. To recall, Osmi Mobile original made it to the markets with an initial price-tag of $300, and it’s still retailing at $200 in the markets.

The formula is still pretty much the same in Osmo Mobile 2. But speak of mounting support, Osmi Mobile 2 can now be mounted in portrait mode too, a feature that was surprisingly absent in the original device. The device is also purely made of high performance nylon instead of the nylon-magnesium alloy mixture that was used in the predecessor. There are also a few tweaks with the buttons to keep things simple and easy.

The replaceable batteries also get replaced with an internal chargeable battery, which would deliver up to 15 hours on a single charge – or so the company claims. DJI will start taking pre-orders from buyers from January 23rd, with the device expected to get shipped the following month.

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