Instagram Users Can Now Broadcast Live Videos Personally through Direct Messages

December 27, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not more than a month ago, Instagram revealed its plans to roll out dedicated app for the Direct messaging services within the photo and video hosting app. The app is although yet to come out. However, Instagram is making some serious moves ahead of its launch now.

Coming paired with the Direct messaging services in the Instagram app is a new support that will let users share live videos through those private messages. Instagram did let users to share media until now in Direct, but it would be for the first time that users will be able to perform a broadcast personally via Direct messages.

In a way, this is a parallel service to video chatting option. But Instagram has also slightly tweaked the feature to make it stand apart from the rest. That’s because Live videos in Direct comes with the co-watching feature that’s available in the platform. This means that you would be able to share the videos you are watching to your friends.

Users can do it by just starting a Direct Live video when watching one from another user. You can also select the users to which you want to share the Direct Live video. This could raise some concerns although, given the way in which things get shared in Instagram these days. As a precautionary step, users can also opt to disable the ability to co-share the live videos from the Stories settings.

As of now, the feature is available in the Instagram main app. But it will soon jump to the Direct standalone app by the time it gets launched. That also fulfils the earlier promise made by Instagram that the app would be packed with more features at launch than just revealed earlier.

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