Samsung is Finally Letting the Bixby Button Go

September 18, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung would have certainly hoped Bixby to be one of the killer features of Galaxy S8 and S8+. That’s why there was even a dedicated button provided for Bixby in a phone that got rid of almost everything including physical home buttons and bezels.

But things haven’t worked out the way Samsung has desired for following the inefficiency of Bixby to rise up to the expectation. This has led to the users deeming the Bixby button as the most annoying in S8 and S8 Plus, even more annoying that the oddly placed fingerprint sensors.

As a result, Samsung is now heading to those opinions and is finally loosening its stance to move ahead and hand over the option of disabling the button to the users. The latest update will finally let users pull the wires of the Bixby button and make it inactive. The option can be found under the updated Bixby Home app. In case you can’t bother finding that app, just give a last try to the Bixby button, as that’s where hitting the button takes you anyway.

However, Samsung is still only partially heeding to the concerns. That’s because users would only be able to disable the button, and remap it and let it be used for other purposes. It appears like Samsung wouldn’t go that far, as they would like to retain the Bixby button as a sort of memorial.

Bixby can still be activated through voice by long-pressing the button. The option is starting to appear on most of the devices. Make sure that you have updated all the Bixby services alongside to find the option in your device.

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