Instagram’s Auto-Playing Videos Now Depend on Your Previous Actions

September 18, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Auto-playing videos might still have split opinion, but Instagram seems to be less bothered about it as they appear to pile up more misery over the ones who dislike it. The news is that the Facebook-owned platform will soon turn on the audios along with auto-playing videos.

However, it isn’t a default option. Instagram will instead pick up from your previously watched videos to see if the audio needs to be turned on. Basically, Instagram will remember the choice if you have tapped the volume up button in a previously auto-played video, carrying it on to the following videos.


That said, it works also the reverse. You can turn off all the sounds for the following video by simply shutting down the audio from an auto-playing video. The feature comes along with the latest update of the app that was rolled out recently.

According to the company, the feature has been enabled to make it easier for people to enjoy Instagram experience with the sound on. It can be annoying, but it shouldn’t bother as it can be turned on with just a couple of taps on the video. Also, the feature won’t be making its way to Instagram Stories. They will only be playing the sound if your smartphone is unmuted.

Instagram is not the sole company to add auto-playing videos with audio. Parent company Facebook too had earlier revealed its intention to do away with muted auto-play videos. It would now depend on how warmly the feature is embraced on Instagram.

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