Microsoft Edge Will Soon have the Edge over Other Browsers in Handling PDFs

September 15, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft’s Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 is on the horizon, and it sure will be bringing a whole lot of additions to the OS overall. As a part of it, the companion apps in Windows 10 will also be benefited with the addition of new features.

One among the top apps that will cruise in its path ahead with the Fall Update is Edge, the in-built browser of Windows 10. While we can expect many improvements in terms of performance, one key area where it will be excelling is with its ability to handle PDF files.

Edge, similar to other browsers like Chrome and Firefox, supports PDF viewing, but its capabilities to do more is limited when being viewed on with the rest. As of now, users can view the PDFs, but are refrained from doing additional functions like filling fields or adjusting the view. But that will be changing with the arrival of Fall Creators update.

One big change is the recognition of contents in PDF apart from search terms. With the update, Edge will be receiving the ability to let users fill PDF fields within the browser, and letting it save as a new PDF file. The latter feature is still absent in browsers like Chrome and Opera, due to which users will have to resort to print options to get a distinct output of their filled PDFs.

Edge will also have new manipulation capabilities including the ability to zoom in, zoom out, and rotate documents in addition to the fit to screen option. Besides, Edge will also be able to put up two PDF pages next to each other and view then simultaneously.

Another salient addition is the mark-up tools that will be present with the Fall Creators Update. This will extend the markup capabilities of Windows Ink introduced last year to the PDFs opened inside Edge. Apart from options to fetch the marked text to sticky notes, Edge will also offer the option to ask Cortana for further enquiries including definitions or shopping advices. Besides, the support for Windows Ink will also let users use their stylus to have digital signatures inserted in PDFs.

Definitely, these are still the basic features, and Microsoft Edge won’t be upgrading itself to rival stand-alone PDF viewers or editors in the Windows 10 ecosystem. But it still will have in its arsenal, all the vitalities to shrug-off other browsers in terms of PDF viewing.

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