iPhone X is Finally Letting Apple Give the Right Push to iOS

September 14, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Augmented Reality is nothing new to Android. Thanks to Project Tango and a couple of associated devices, Android has already savored the piquancy of AR. But it’s still far off from what we can call a mainstream affair in Android. That’s where the iOS 11 steps in.

We have had long before the initial impressions of iOS 11, thanks to the developer conference previews. But the launch of iPhone X has given a whole new dimension to the latest OS, and that’s specifically due to the addition of the depth-sensing sensors used for 3D Face recognition.

Those array of sensors in the front comes at the cost of producing a notch over the edge-to-edge display. With that said, it would only be foolish to let the sensors be kept reserved for Face ID alone. This very fact has given birth to new prospects of AR in the iPhone X, which will be boosted by the never-before revealed capabilities of iOS 11.

Needless to say that the true power of iOS 11 will be delivered on iPhone X, and not on the regular iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices. The most prominent of them is the Face ID, which will replace the Touch ID in iPhone X. That’s what the sensors have been placed for. But additional capabilities include a new way of sending out your expressions; animoji.

As suggested by the name, animojis are animated emojis. That might sound like a sticker, but animojis are much more. They are the emoji-reflections of your live emotions and expressions captured using the depth sensing sensors. All your emotions will be replicated in those emojis, which would elsewise represent mere lifeless drawings.

And with greater front sensors comes greater camera powers. With iPhone X, iOS 11 will introduce the magic of portrait photography to the front camera, again thanks to the 3D infrared sensors that can measure the depths, similar to what a teleport lens might do. Besides, these will be used to carry out the real-time analysis of your face to study the light on the face of the subject. That’s a key for Apple to unlock new beauty filters and effects. The feature, called Portrait Lighting will also be making its way to the iPhone 8 Plus device.

In addition, iOS 11 will also have other key improvements, like Apple Pay in iMessage, Siri translations, drag and drop features etc. But the pivotal force is indeed the introduction of AR and how Apple expands its AR utilities with coming updates and devices.

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