Facebook to Introduce Instant Videos to Unhitch the Dependency of Videos over Mobile Data

September 12, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook’s Instant Articles feature that catalyzed the necessity for quicker web page loading will soon have a sibling. This time around, the company is cutting down the streaming sessions by introducing a new feature called the Instant Videos.

As indicated by its name, Instant Videos is very much similar to Instant Articles, except for that it will be giving the boost to videos instead of articles. Similar to pre-loaded articles, Facebook will have videos pre-cached so as to let users watch them even when out of network. Instant Videos will pre-load the supported videos when connected to Wi-Fi network, which would also save users from burning their mobile data.

Instant Articles on the other hand also got rid of the necessity of opening a separate web app to view the contents. While that won’t be required in the case of video viewing, it still proves beneficial given the way it could load videos even when having weaker or slow connections. Besides, publishers too could get benefited with the new feature, giving them a broader exposure on the social network.

Videos that are pre-loaded will be represented by a ‘bolt’ icon similar to that of Instant Articles. Besides, users can also get a complete organized list of Instant Videos under a new Watch tab that is likely to find its place in apps soon.

As of now, the feature is being tested among select users only for the Android OS. It needs to be seen whether that reflects the possibility of the feature being pushed for developing markets. But it could make way to the iOS app if the current testing proves successful to the company.

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