Nest’s New Cheap Thermostat Might Look Dull, but It’s as Good as the Original

September 2, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nest‘s debut took place back in 2011. Despite having a long run of over five years in the market, it has barely took a massive turn in terms of design. But that’s changing now, with the introduction of its latest offing, called the Nest Thermostat E.

The latest thermostat from Nest offers almost everything the parent device can do, but it’s much simpler. The tweaked design makes the Nest Thermostat E much plain in design, and this trimming down has also triggered a cut in the price, making it cheaper than the original Nest Thermostat.

The display of this plain thermostat comes embedded inside a frosted glass within the white puck design. The ring embracing the outer surface can be turned around to scroll through the settings and to adjust the temperature. It also brings in a detailed, yet perceivable interface that comes handy for all the refinements.

Similar to all its predecessors, Nest Thermostat E comes with internet connectivity with additional connectivity for smartphones via the companion app. The latter also lets the thermostat to make the call whether you are at home or not, and to set the temperature accordingly. This combined with the overall efficiency will let you save up to 15% of your yearly energy bills, claims the manufacturer.

It will though lack auto-on feature for the display, called the ‘Farsight’, that is present in the original Thermostat device. The feature automatically turns on the display to show the time or temperature when it feels someone around it. But that’s a feature whose loss wouldn’t bother the user much.

Other features include integration with third-party services, support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, support for over 85% of homes and more. The model is currently available for $169, which is just two-third of what you spend for the original device right now in the market.

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