Otto Smart Lock Up for Pre-Order; Access it Via Your Smartphone

August 26, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple enthusiasts who boast of owning devices running iOS and above have god news here. The piece of exciting info comes from the makers of a smart lock called Otto, which has been put up for pre order at the moment.

If you are willing to part with around $699, you will get to own Otto that comes featuring a smarter keyless access solution controlled by your smartphone and a four digit code in case you would like that too.

Once you have Otto, you can just walk up to the smart lock with your smartphone and companion app installed. Lo and behold, you will see the lock automatically unlock and this providing you with a smarter access to your home.

Otto has done away with keys and keypads, and has also made the lock extra secure with seven different grades of stainless steel so as to add strength and durability. The lock comes weather proof, thanks to the PVD aspect the company has thrown in.

Other features include advanced ECC security, device-level asymmetric cryptography, and PKI encryption deliver multiple layers of protection. Otto has been tested to withstand 50,000 hard door slams, over 250,000 lock/unlock cycles, and extreme climate conditions, say folks at GSM Arena.

So what you just need to do is to go for pre-order. Shipping is expected to begin this fall.

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