Google Ad-blocker Goes Live on Canary and Dev Versions of Chrome

August 1, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has earlier confirmed that it would be introducing a native ad-blocker to Chrome browser. They have also revealed that the native ad-blocker would be ready by 2018. But it seems like they have expedited the process.

The first ever version of the native ad-blocker from Google for Chrome is now available. The ad-blocker has been made available on the Dev and Canary version of Chrome, both of which comes with the lack of any stability. As with the stable build, it appears like Google will stick to its earlier confirmed timeline.

The option will be included as a toggle option under the settings, and Google will also have it turned on by default. This would pull down all those annoying ads like those with vibrations and bogus messages.

Google’s decision to enable ad-blocker might seem perplexing at first, given the income they rope with online advertising. But in effect, Chrome will only be cutting down the offending ads from sites, thereby retaining the place for legit ads that comply with the norms laid out by Coalition for Better Ads.

This would ensure that user gets rid of the annoying ads without blocking the entire ads including those from Google. Enabling them would also encourage many users to leave third-party ad-blocking services, which also axes Google ads from the sites. In short, native ad-blocking is one of the most sensible features Google will be adding to the Chrome browser.

The features are only available for the Android versions of Chrome. There’s no word on when they will be rolled out to the PC and iOS. Google has promised that the ad-blocking will be hitting all its versions, including Android, iOS and PC.

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