Lenovo Concept Laptop is More like a Bigger Sized Foldable Tablet

June 22, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Lenovo has just unveiled a concept laptop at an event held in New York, marrying much of the soon-to-be technologies from the modern day world. The laptop, which may or might not be worked upon by the company, reveals a foldable display alongside ditching the traditional mode of input sans touching the physical keyboard.

Lenovo’s concept laptop has taken a leaf out of the playbook of smartphone industry by replacing traditional physical input with newer ones. As with the case of Lenovo, they would still be keeping the physical keyboard unlike it was with smartphones that entirely replaced the physical keys with on-screen/capacitive touch buttons. But the bygone here would be trackpads.

As a replacement, Lenovo is not bringing in novel technologies, but something that’s already existent in the gadget world; voice control. Lenovo although eyes a more equipped voice control assistant than the current Cortana or other AIs. To aid them, the device will also be having fully-functional touch display along with support for pen/stylus input.

The biggest shift is however with the display. Lenovo’s concept laptop presents a completely foldable display that will replace the hinges from the laptop ergonomics.  Foldable displays are not new to the industry, and Lenovo themselves have unveiled a piece last year. But that, including the rest, was focused for smartphones and tablets, and it’s for the first time that a laptop is being pronounced along with foldable displays.

Putting it together, the concept laptop will be more of a bigger sized foldable tablet with physical keyboards if keeping aside the OS run inside. The latter too could be brought under, given the way Microsoft is attempting to unify the Windows platform across laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

The device is still a concept device and there’s no guarantee on whether Lenovo would put their hands upon making it a reality. But given their low-key launches in the form of concept technologies, it appears that the company is ready to give a big push to the laptop industry. Being the market leaders, they are also aptly the name that could give that push.

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